Meat Packs and Bargains at

Gray’s Modern Meat Mart in Toowoomba

At Gray’s Modern Meat Mart, we believe in supplying quality meats at an affordable price, and we love rewarding our loyal customers. Our solution to satisfy both is our Meat Packs. These bulk deals give you a discounted price and a range of options.

Smoked Goods

Mettwurst: Plain, Garlic, Chilli

Honey Beer Sticks

Smoked Salami: Plain, Garlic, Chilli

Smoked Kabana

Cheerios - Saveloys


Smoked Ham & Bacon

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Beef, Pork, and Lamb Packs

Great deals on free-range, pasture-fed, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free, grain-fed beef, lamb, and pork.

Bulk Beef Pack

2KG Each for $630

T-Bone Steak

Rump Steak

Lean Mince

Corned Silverside

Corned Brisket

Y-Bone Steak

Round Steak

Topside Steak


Rolled Roast Beef

Diced Steak

Beef Sausages

Beef Rissoles

Pork Pack

Only $140

2KG Roasting Pork

2KG BBQ Pork Chops

1KG Diced Pork

1KG Pork Loin Chops

2KG Pork Sausages

Lamb Pack

Only $175

2KG Leg of Lamb

2KG BBQ Lamb Chops

2KG Lamb Loin Chops

1KG Sausages

BBQ Pack

All For Just $90

1KG BBQ Steak

1KG BBQ Sausages

1KG Burger Patties

1KG Bacon

Dozen Free Range Eggs

PLUS a FREE Wood Smoked Kabana

BBQ Pack 2

All For Just $105

1KG BBQ Steak

1KG BBQ Sausages

1KG BBQ Lamb Chops

1KG BBQ Rissoles

1KG BBQ Steakettes

Freezer Pack

2KG Each for $525

Crumbed Steak - BBQ Steak

T-Bone Steak - Diced Steak

Lamb BBQ Chops

BBQ Pork Chops

Rolled Beef Roast

Corned Silverside

Lean Mince - Steakettes

Beef Sausages

Pork Sausages

Breakfast Pack

Only $70

1KG Bacon

1KG Breakfast Sausages

1KG Grilling Chops

Dozen Eggs

Family Pack

Only $230

1KG Rump Steak

1KG Lean Mince

1KG Crumbled Steak

1KG Beef Sausages

1KG BBQ Steak

1.5KG Corned Silverside

1KG Y-Bone Steak

1KG Steakettes

1.5KG Rolled Beef Roast

Mini Pack


1KG BBQ Pork Chops

1KG Lamb Chops

1KG Crumbled Steak

1KG Lean Mince

1KG BBQ Sausages

1KG Rump Steak

1KG Y-Bone Steak

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To place an order for any of our meat packs or ask us a question, call us on 07 4528 2271.